Real Estate


Cooper Legal Firm can assist you in drafting documents and reviewing real estate transactions, including purchases, leases, financing, lease options, subject to transactions and sales. I also resolve title insurance and environmental issues. When things go wrong in real estate transactions,  I have the experience to step in to file and defend lawsuits in court.

Document Drafting

One of the key roles a real estate lawyer plays is that of document drafter. Real estate attorneys prepare deeds for conveyance transactions, leases and rental agreements, purchase contracts and financing agreements.


With good people skills, communication and sophisticated experience with many types of real estate transactions, people often ask for me to negotiate the terms and conditions of real estate deals. This involves working with other attorneys, developers, brokers and investors.

Transaction Review

Cooper Legal Firm can review and provide advice on real estate transactions. Clients will negotiate their own deals, sign a contract and then ask the lawyer to perform the "review" on the transaction. This means that I will examine legal title issues, and any of the contracts or other documents involved in the transaction.

Real Estate Closings

Closings are made easier by excellent communication and a knowledgeable staff. With 20 years of experience in mortgage servicing, foreclosures and title work, we can handle whatever oddity may thrown our way with grace.  


Real estate transactions aren't always smooth and problems involve the largest asset that most people own.  That's why it's important not to have someone draft documents who isn't prepared to fight and defend them. This service includes not just transactions but the ability to draft legal pleadings to file with the judge, participating in hearings and trial with the judge, and filing appeals if necessary. It also includes bargaining with opposing counsel to try and work out settlement agreements.


With over twenty years of experience in the banking and default industry, foreclosures are something that are detail oriented  but having an enormous effect on families and potential pitfalls for homeowners, purchasers and banks alike. Cooper Legal Firm knows how to represent homeowners, purchasers and lenders and guide you through the process.


Evictions aren't easy and they carry large penalties for not following the rules.  Cooper Legal Firm can guide you through the process or handle the matter from the beginning to end to avoid you having to be in the middle of the turmoil that evictions can cause.